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Who Is She?

Not only is Virginia very accomplished, but she holds very strongly to her integrity and values. Some of which are: radical self-reliance, radical self-expression and when all is said and expressed, bringing it all back to love.

Spending her entire life in pursuit of figuring out what creates a love-filled life has brought her to many crazy places. She has travelled the world penniless, made friends all over the globe and connected to some incredible and influential people.

She is blessed and grateful to be where she is and to have had some of the incredible experiences through her journey.
Managed over one billion dollars for Apple
Inc. Magazine named 1 of 26 Women to Change the World
Founder of a six figure agency,
Founder of the I Trust You Movement

Abraham Hicks Hotseat

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity, and change.”
-Brene Brown

How It Started

By the time Virginia had finished university, she had already been working at Apple for over a year. They had plucked her right out of college and introduced her to one of her greatest passions and talents, building a business and making money. Then, she was poached by Oracle and spent a few years working there before she would take the biggest leap of faith of her life. She quit her high paying job and started her own Social Media Agency working with Nasdaq, the BBC and Universal Studios. But with all the success she was having, her thoughts started to turn towards giving back. She wanted to create something that would help people.

What She Learnt

Her treasury of deep knowledge and wisdom has been picked up through her journey across this great sphere, many of which have caused her to unravel my own persona again and again.

Who Virginia was has changed so frequently, as her passions and desires bring her to new avenues of life, that she has come to the conclusion she can be absolutely anything she wants to be!

It all relies on who you believe you can be. So if she could impart one piece of advice from her to you, it would be this: Your thoughts create your reality.

Ask yourself... what are you thinking? Why are you thinking what you are thinking? What reality are you creating?

Her Deep Desire

For the longest time, Virginia longed to see a fearless world. Whilst we all know a perfect world cannot exist without contrast (as light cannot exist without darkness), what she would like is a world that can trust and that is educated in personal care and growth, in which people can fully express without fear of reprehension.

This is Virginia Salas Kastilio and she is one of a million warriors fighting for the light and rescuing recruits in the darkness.

A few words from Virginia

“Trust is the beginning, it is the foundation of every relationship and every million dollars you will ever make. Trust is the key.”
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