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About Virginia

Virginia is a social entrepreneur, influencer, and international speaker. She left University a year early for a job offer with Apple and within 12 months became a Global Sales Manager, managing a billion dollars annually.
Since then, she has founded organisations such as Gini Tv, Humans I Trust, I Trust University and  Human Trust Logistics.

Her turbulent family life growing up lead to a disjointed formal education, where she attended over 14 schools across three languages and continents. Moving out at 16 with only 50 dollars in her pocket, she tenaciously fought to finish her high school degree in Austria...
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I have created a global community of purpose driven entrepreneurs and thought leaders. Each and every one of them has taught me something and opened my heart in ways I could never fully express.
I believe community to be the most powerful source of positive change for the planet, if nurtured properly. Click below to join my tribe,
I wouldn’t be here without them.
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My Projects

Virginia's life has been heavily centred around love & alignment, as you can see with her current active projects. She has partnered with some of the worlds best teachers, leaders & entrepreneurs in order to creative unity & impact throughout her initiatives.

Virginia's Soul Sanctuary

Experience a personalized retreat with Virginia, designed to provide you with profound peace and clarity. Through one-on-one sessions, immerse yourself in a nurturing environment where your needs and desires take center stage. Let go of stress and embrace the serenity, as you explore deep emotional healing and personal growth with Virginia's guidance. This is a sanctuary for your mind, body, and spirit.
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Humans I Trust

Humans I Trust is a private, global membership community connecting heart-centered creators & influencers. We curate transformative experiences, fostering consciousness, connection, & trust to empower collaborative synergy. Our mission is to build a loving future for humanity through network, education, collaboration, & play.
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Crypto Love

Step into the enchanting world of cryptocurrency with Crypto Love! Empowering you with the knowledge, tools, & community to thrive in digital finance. From wallet setups & NFT minting to Web3 marketing & investment insights, we're here to guide you. Embrace the magic of decentralized finance & unlock your financial freedom with us. Click Llearn More" & join our vibrant community today! 🌟💰✨
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Virginia Raises $20,000 for The Amazon Fires

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